The ancient art of meditation is a relaxation practice that helps us to manage our lives better by bringing our attention to the present moment.  It is all about finding our inner peace while creating harmony and balance.

Meditation holds the key to helping us combat stress and anxiety. It improves concentration, increases self-awareness, slows the ageing process, is great for pain relief, improves physical and mental well-being, and helps us to understand more about ourselves and our true nature as well as helping us to understand and harmonise relationships with others.

Meditation works by silencing the inner chatter of our minds leading us to a state of peace and serenity.  It brings attention to our thoughts and how they are influencing us to have a deeper understanding about life.  While in meditation we connect with ourselves on a deeper level and can hear wisdom from our subconscious mind.

From a health point of view clinical studies have shown that meditation has created reductions in frequent headaches and migraines, insomnia, anxiety, stress and panic attacks. Research has shown meditation reduces pain by a staggering 57% and lowers high blood pressure by 40%. It has also been known to help people conquer depression and addictions. This extremely healing and restorative practice has been described as ‘a medicine for the mind’. 

We all lead busy lives so just a few minutes a day set aside for meditation will give us great benefit. It is an easy practice that with time and dedication creates a beneficial way of life by doing wonders for our body and mind while giving the body time to replenish its natural energy.  

For people who find it hard to relax the best way to start is with meditation.

There are many types of meditation such as mindfulness meditation, chakra meditation, walking meditation, affirmation meditation, mantra meditation, guided meditation, breathing meditation, sound meditation, self-love meditation, transcendental meditation, visualisation for healing meditation, Reiki healing meditation and drumming meditation, to name just a few.


  • LEARNING TO MEDITATE – one to one or group sessions
  • ON-LINE MEDITATIONS – Zoom sessions
  • ONE TO ONE SESSIONS – for specific reasons (many options)
  • GROUP MEDITATIONS (such as relaxation, healing, abundance, self-love, self improvement, divine feminine)
  • REIKI DRUM JOURNEY MEDITATIONS – healing meditation for one to one or group sessions
  • MEDITATION WORKSHOPS                                                                                                     (see below)

…If you are interested in LEARNING TO MEDITATE please contact me to discuss your requirements and preferences. We can discuss whether a one to one or group session would be most beneficial for you and what you wish to achieve. 

…ON-LINE Zoom sessions can be booked as needed.

…ONE TO ONE SESSIONS for specific reasons can be ‘learning to meditate’ or a particular program put together for the individuals’ needs, this can be in person or on-line…  ***special offer £15 per hour or book a block of 6 and pay for 5 only***

…GROUP MEDITATIONS are available on-line and in Hitchin and the surrounding area at regular times with different sessions and topics. Group meditations are designed for people who already like to meditate and who like to meditate in a group environment.  These are sessions that have a theme with a structure and desired outcome.

…REIKI DRUM JOURNEY MEDITATIONS are available on a one to one basis or in group sessions. These are sound healing sessions where the meditator can get answers to personal questions which can help them to face life challenges, can release personal blocks and can further personal development.  Reiki drum journeying is limitless as a therapy meditation that will be tailored to suit each individual and their specific needs. Reiki drum journeying will bring our lives back into harmony and balance as well as awakening our creative potential. Scientific studies have shown that the drum is a powerful tool to slow the brain waves down to alpha and theta deep meditative states. 

…MEDITATION WORKSHOPS are designed with a theme such as ‘a healing day workshop’ or ‘an empowerment workshop’ or ‘a divine feminine workshop’ or ‘meditating with angels’. Different workshops will be posted on Holistic Health At Home facebook page, instagram and also on the website but also please feel free to make contact to enquire about up and coming events and reserve a place.  

If anyone or any organisation is interested in booking meditation workshops for corporate events or groups or occasions please feel free to make contact.   Telephone 07968 445953.