Here are a variety of healing crystals for sale to help with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and balance. 

When choosing a crystal to purchase is it best to go with what you are automatically drawn to.

These crystals can be charged with Reiki healing to suit the needs of any individual including pets. Please contact me or fill in the form provided below with details regarding the Reiki requirements.

Crystals are charged with Reiki healing by concentrating on the reason for the healing, past, present and future.  It is a personal healing for the individual where the crystals are charged with divine love Reiki magnifying their already powerful properties and energies which will benefit certain struggles in our lives. 

 £7.50 is the Reiki Charge fee added to the cost of each crystal if required.

Crystals can be  worn or placed in pockets and can also be placed in the left hand during meditation while concentrating on the power of  the crystal.

If you require a different kind of crystal that is not available here and would like it to be charged with Reiki healing please let me know and this can be arranged via discussion.

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Rainbow Quartz Points  £12-£25 (only in the UK) depending on size and weight
*   Rainbow Quartz symbolizes an angel with the 7 colours that shine as the energy of the Gods 
*   it is the ultimate healing stone with the healing vibrations of quartz crystal and the energy of the rainbow resonating with each chakra to clear energy blockages 
*   it provides harmony while balancing and purifying all kinds of energy as well as keeping the mind stable 
*   it has been used for healing since ancient times creating abundance in our lives 
*   this Angelic stone is also considered to be ‘a receiver of messages’ and is capable of third eye opening and enhancing spiritual development, creativity and inspiration 
*   it is a great stone for meditation to quieten the mind and great to use for manifesting 
*  it  transforms negative energy into positive energy and is powerful for pain relief and depression 
*  it  helps deal with negative emotions and emotional pain 
*  it  gives upliftment with understanding and love  
*   it helps restore and bond relationships
Rose Quartz Benefits
*   the love stone that helps with relationships and self-love
*   aids in communication
*   purifies and opens the heart
*   combats low self esteem
*   provides deep emotional healing and release
*   lowers blood pressure
*   releases tension        *  can disolve anger
*   promotes unconditional love and balances emotions
Tourmaline Benefits
* strengthens the immune system, heart and adrenal glands
* good for blood circulation
* strengthens the nervous system
* eases pain in joints
* assists in re- aligning the spine
* relieves migraines and headaches
* assists a healthy mood and ability to look forward
* helps release emotional stress
* creates harmony and balance
* is detoxing

Amethyst Cluster £12 + £3 postage (only in the UK)

Smaller Amethyst Cluster £7 + £2.50 postage (only in the UK) <<<sold out

Smaller Amethyst Crystal £2.50 (inc postage) (only in the UK)

Amethyst Benefits 

*   boosts the sympathetic nervous system
*   strengthens the immune system
*   balances hormones
*   relieves headaches
*   helps with insomnia
*   reduces stress and anxiety
*   attracts positive energy
*   stimulates right brain activity and psychic intuition
*   purifies the blood
*   calms mental disorders
*   brings balance and inner peace
*   is the best stone for helping with change in life’s circumstances
*   balances the crown chakra
*   aids relaxation

Aventurine Benefits 
*   can help speed up recovery time from injury, illness or surgery
*   harmonises mental, physical and emotional well-being
*   clears away toxic emotions
*   helps combat addictions
*   is a comforter heart healer and encourages an open heart
*   is effective against depression
*   increases physical strength and vitality

Hematite Crystal £2 (inc postage) (only in the UK)

Hematite Benefits
*   cleanses the blood and improves circulation
*   excellent healer for blood disorders
*   helps with the formation of red blood cells
*   can heal cramps, spinal problems and fractured bones
*   alleviates stress and anxiety
*   an excellent stone for protection and grounding
*   absorbs toxic emotions
*   helps organise thoughts and helps with logical thinking
Ukanite Benefits 
*   cleanses and detoxifies the body
*   helps eliminate bad habits
*   balances emotional, spiritual and mental self
*   stimulates the female reproductive organs
*   unleashes hidden emotional pain
*   helps with moving forward

Small Snowflake Obsidian tumble stone  £1.50 each (inc postage) (only in the UK)

Snowflake Obsidian Benefits
*   the stone of purity and detoxifying
*   helps with self awareness
*   calms and soothes the mind
*   enhances clarity and clears confusion
*   provides balance in times of change
*   helps with positive decision making
*   good for joint pain and muscle spasms
*   good for low blood pressure

Small Blue Kyanite   £1.50  (inc postage) (only in the UK)

Medium Blue Kyanite   £2.50 (inc postage) (only in the UK)

*   heals the throat and strengthens the voice
*   helps to speak ones truth
*   helps with meditation
*   protects from other peoples energies
*   helps with dream recall
*   helps with motivation and inspiration
*   helps to heal infections
*   heals the brain and muscular disorders
*   is a natural pain reliever
*   is a self cleansing stone that does not need re-charging
 Selenite Wand Benefits
The main use of the selenite wand is to clear energy and space. These wands are 20cm long and in their pure form. Selenite is widely used in Reiki and other complementary therapies to cleanse the space in a room and also energy around a person.  Other crystals can be placed on the wand to re-charge them.  Do not wash them or put them in water.
*   it has a strong vibration to help open the crown and soul star chakras
*   good for accessing Angelic consciousness
*   it brings light down from higher realms to create personal transformation
*   clears energy blockages
*   can align chakras
*   brings clarity of mind and clears confusion
*   gives deep calm
*   purifies environments
*  has a strong protective energy
*  can strengthen the memory 
*  brings deep peace
*  is excellent for meditation